venerdì 26 dicembre 2014

The new album ZIZ

Guys , Tomorrow 27 December 2014, will be released the new album project, band solo Kozi ZIZ. 


there is trailer already a video with a preview of the tracklist


  not miss!!!  


domenica 21 dicembre 2014

2015 calendars are now available !

The new 2015 calendars are now available 

Mana Calendar with photos chosen by fans

Malice Mizer

Moi dix mois


Christmas gift from us club monologue mana dix. dix  fans who follow us.
All calendars are made by Caly.

it is forbidden to publish elsewhere without permission or the source of origin
but only for personal use and share or save and use as you like in your home

Merry Christmas, and Happy new year by monologue mana dix fun club

Admin Dix

mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Moi meme moitie,Happy Holidays,calendars 2015,Yue blog

Good morning dix fan!

New updates here Moi meme moitie go see!!

Dear fans the admins will go in the holiday, for the holiday Christmas. 
we can't  update often our sites, but  updates Mana blog, will still insured.

I wish all dix fans of Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

i remember that the new club's facebook page, this will be. Monologue Mana Dix fun club .
the other will be closed early.
no miss our updates, follow us on the new facebook page of the club Monologue Mana Dix

and then, follow the new blog of Admin Yue also available via phone, 
the romantic, sweet, troubled future musician, lover of the world of Mana. 
wait you! 

Cover by Caly
Yue will be back soon with new entries... for you!

December 21 is official!
will be published all our annual calendars of 2015 free for you fans dix, made by caly.

Admin Dix 

mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Youtube & Pinterest

Hello everyone!
The fan club is expanding and is increasingly large! new sites have been opened.
New sites and links   youtube and pinterest.
will be added along with other gadgets in the blog. Meanwhile i write here!

Youtube  Pinterest

Also on pinterest you can vote for your favorite photo, calendar with the heart symbol. accessing the bulletin board and project 2005 calendar.

on youtube, there will be our music playlists.
with collections of videos and music, Mana, moi dix mois, malice mizer and Kozi.
then, it will be added to plalyst, video fans.
For Those Who, want, to add to our list HIS Video fans, who created personally on you tube and show it to other fan, fan club by logging on our youtube channel .basta communicate it to us with a message and a link , and it will be added as a favorite.

well, remember to vote for your favorite photo calendar, now it is almost all scadeza and there will be no more excuses. the requests no will be accepted after that date. December 1

are you ready for dis inferno ???  I can not wait!


domenica 23 novembre 2014

News!!!! new Moi-même-Moitié

Hi dix fan!
available the new themes  Moi-même-Moitié

Tomorrow the 24 is the Gothic & Lolita Bible release day.
you can see Mana's dresses, Realized with the crosses on flocky print ... where you can see Already in the online store.

I remind you that you still have a few days of time to choose a new picture for the 2015 calendar Mana.  here 
for those who missed the details can be read here all the info --> Vote your photo !!!

 I also want to say that from now on,  not to miss any updates mana and if you want to follow us on facebook  . you have to go to the new page monologue ,mana dix club. the old will be closed soon!

here New Monologue Mana dix fan club fan page

Admin Dix

venerdì 14 novembre 2014

renewal fun club, important news!!


Dear friends, this page Facebook Monologue Mana Dix will be closed soon. 
and will be replaced by a new page with new contents and many new features. 
We ‘d like to continue this journey with you through the wonderful world of Mana’s creativity so we want to invite you to put your i like, here  Monologue Mana Dix Fun club in the new page, that will be the new dix fan club looked after by the staff of the original Monologue Mana dix page.
We invite you to follow us as always with affection, we will always trying to do our best! Stay tuned there will be news soon!
Dix love !!


martedì 4 novembre 2014

Vote for your favorite photo of Mana

good evening!

yesterday started the competition to select your favorite picture to put on the new calendar Mana 2015.
made ​​by caly.
a kind Christmas gift from us for you fans of the fan club.

Today I insert the pictures that we have chosen for you admin.
one of which will be put on the calendar of Mana, with your vote.
The pictures are numbered and the name of the admin who chose the photo.

photos were also posted on fb, google community, and on our twitter.

for vote here, on the blog, with a comment down,

Photo 1 by admin Yue 


Photo 2 by admin Dix


Photo 3 by admin Caly


Photo 4 By admin Lady

Vote with a number photo, or name admin,  in a comment down blog. and will be evaluated.

in the case of Facebook. and if you have a facebook  you can vote with a simple i like about your favorite photo on monologue mana dix page facebook. 

same thing if you have twitter, vote with a star on your favorite photo on @monologuemana10. 

community google  monologue mana dix  +1

You  have until December 1 for  evaluate your picture after which it will be used for the new  calendar, 2015.

i recommend no later than December 1, 2014. 
and  to vote only one photo of Mana for you. and one user!

continue to follow the new updates. do not miss the latest news on Mana  and his world.


sabato 1 novembre 2014

start choice for the 3 november. calendar Mana 2015 dix fan vote.

Hi dix fan !

How was this Halloween?
you have spent a pleasant, scary evening ?

the 3rd of november we'll post the photos chosen by the admins of the page and then the vote the better photo, competition will start!
We have to find the photo for the Mana's calendar of 2015.
We'lle need your vote/like.

 *w*.Have a nice sunday, dix fan

stay tuned  !

the staff

do you like a the new look monologue mana dix site  blog??

venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

Calendar MANA 2015 with your vote!!!

Hi guys!  important news from monologue mana dix club

This year the 2015 Calendar will be made with your help!
!We want that all the fans could participate to our initiative!!
Dear dixers we want to be united in this club and this time we' d like to make you part of the mission called " MANA CALENDAR 2015 "!
We are 4 admin Yue, Lady, Caly and Dix and each of us will choose for you his favorite images to put on the calendar of 2015. It will be an annual calendar and only one of those photos that we’ll put will be chosen with your help thanks to your likes. The picture that will obtain more votes 

- 1 like=1 vote for facebook  

- +1 on google plus  1 
- star Favourites for twitter 
- number photos regarding and if you want to judge on the blog in the comments below.

will be used by our admin Caly and she’ll work for us so the new 2015 calendar will be made with photos chosen by the fans!! We only need a few days to choose because we have a lot of Mana’s photos and they are all beautiful so it’s difficult to choose *w*.

Stay tuned! Soon we’ll need your vote !

The staff!!

venerdì 10 ottobre 2014

Leaving for DSIV. Fair ESP Mana & Közi

Tomorrow the meeting all Al deep sanctuary. us admin we are excited for this event  . i myself  no I know who watch between Mana and Közi
 i go crazy for both, I love them. <3 wow

The doors will open at 17 and to 18 begin to play .
we are waiting for those who will come is an event not to be missed !

Mana yesterday updated his blog informing that he had finished the tests.

other news important!  
soon there will be a fair  Esp where you can see and buy material Esp guitars Mana or Kozi with gift for who buy. and there are also shows in the costumes of Mana that he used in his concerts. I can not wait to go see huhuhu click on the image.

A Fair Shibuya ESP Craft House from 11/10/2014 to 26/10/2014. 

see you soon!  

domenica 28 settembre 2014

new steps for the deep sanctuary

Hello everyone!

Today I finally found some time to update with the latest news on the world of Mana.

There have been several innovations.
Me and Yue with friends, we attended the memorial Moi dix mois K and it was really exciting, and everything was really touching.

Mana fabulous as always, and then could not keep up the excitement.
when I found myself in front of the altar of K, with all those flowers ..
and when I found them with Yue and put flowers. we have also brought roses red us, in the name of our Club, monologue mana dix.
and cry like as if I had lost a friend.
we are glad you did on behalf of all the fans without asking anything by us!!
a decision at the last minute, but we were happy to do willingly, at our expense. because being a fan is also a sign of unity among the fans .. and we help!
that is, to discuss a Carnival costume or a flower to give 10 red roses as a symbol dix !! we are proud to help support everyone!
we have also taken on behalf of those who do not have much money to spend but who were nevertheless close to Mana and respected.

however it will not be a flower but the support we give to Mana to infuse the right boost !!
I'm not capable of doing reviews or other special events. I cry again to rethink. then I think they have already read elsewhere.
but I can describe my feelings, because they are always personal.
for me what I feel when I'm in a concert of Moi dix mois always leaves me speechless .. a unique thrill for me that I do not have it any other way, indescribable.
But this time it was too hard, I felt a sweetness in particular by Mana all the time. and when he showed the K guitar's, as did him in the live in russia Kubana, I was impressed in the mind!
when they are at a concert of Moi dix mois is always the case and I can not stand the excitement, surprising.
( Maybe one day i faint on the floor LOL XD )

Guys the news!
The next live program, in which there had already talked about earlier.
Deep Sanctuary is approaching. ° A ° and heeeeeeeeeepllllllllll I still have to recover for the last one in which I was.
There will Kozi and Count Yu-ki Akasaka Blitz!!!
Mana in his blog, he talked about an interview for Yu-ki during the live, in which he is working hard and is very committed.
is to andre yourself here Yu-ki Deep Sanctuary questions and ask a question in yu-ki and send via email.
You can also find the link on our facebook event page, confirm whether your presence!  Deep Sanctuary IV event!

( Of course it is my opinion:
I believe that to be a bit 'and play along with them, as once in Malice Mizer Mana will do well, it will be fun, and to find the right charge and attravversare this bad time, which everyone knows well what it means, and we have passed all of them.)

And then off to the Dis inferno, on December 7 at the WWW in Shibuya.
Regarding the Dis inferno, we have added the event page in facebook. details will be added very soon ... in the meantime if you want to confirm your attendance at the dis hell DIS INFERNO XII Event

And in the world Kozi Ziz it seems there are programs on a new album, which was already mentioned, and there were rumors it was around her birthday.
hopefully soon in other details !!
I can not wait!

We're going to reach 2000 i like on the facebook page of the club Monologue mana dix!
And if you have not already done so. put your Follow on twitter @monologuemana10
2300 visits to our website blog here guys, Wooow !!

Caly greets you, and gives you a good night. the next one!

lunedì 11 agosto 2014

Monologue Mana Dix New Google plus community read the FAQ

Attention friends major upgrade to the Club monologue mana dix.
There was an unexpected  event .. and so we decided to create a new community on google plus for monologue mana dix. nothing to worry about but we intend to consolidate our group always more and improve google monologue mana dix.
we also want fan dix out from facebook can follow our updates !!
there is a huge difference for to use it. in the community on google plus monologue  mana dix you're free to publish you also fan dix everything you want on the world of mana !! works a bit like facebook groups !!

Just follow these simple FAQ

1) Where can I find the community google or all websites monologue mana dix, facebook, blog and twitter?
From now on our community google+ also works as a liaison!
can be accessed from here with the link, click here monologue mana dix community google! Or search the word about this blog
Click on image to enlarge

or you can find us on google voice search monologue mana dx.
you can also find communty google twitter, this blog and facebook page!! 

google search:  Click on image to enlarge

in all the sites listed there are always link to all the sites where we work. us  ( fun club)  and also the official websites of Mana.
can not go wrong it's easy!

2) what is a google community monologue mana dix?

Google community monologue mana dix is as like a group on facebook, that unlike a fb page may be published by anyone who wants together with us admin and dealing with the subject mana and his world! (Only mana and nothing else !!)
without limitations or special permission or waiting to see, publish a post, but all for free, as long as you only talk and exclusively  of Mana and fun club, in a nice way without insults or hate reciprocal. will be added if your desire is a section for in the world and the world   visual kei and lolita  where you can deal with the arguments also in part out of Mana !! and exchange views

3) What can I find in the communty google monologue mana dix?

nothing new what we Already on facebook or on the blog as admin! ie: to offer free all the news, photos, videos, and news from the world of mana! with a unique advantage, and That you too can help on the community and publish together what we want!

4)  how do I post on the community monologue mana dix?

First of all you must have a personal account google like for FB and as TW! 
with this account you can comment and post on the community you want to about Mana.
and you can put a comment on our blog updates, down and put a +1 ! if you do not have a google account you can not do all this.

5) What can I post on the community monologue mana dix and what can not?

you can post : whatever you want on Mana and his world , open friendly discussions on the special section, and you can also enter updates his blog. or video from you tube, post a comment to other users.

You can not: publish material offensive to others or mana, material digital madousho, spam, material covered by copyright, for example: (fan art or cosplay photos) without   original source.

6 ) I can publish the community, seriously ?? 

Of course you can dix fan, go!

7 ) how can I do if someone offends me and insults me on community?

Comments arrogant, rude, of all those who harass, offend and insult, will be eliminated as soon as possible from the community. and you can also report it as abuse, google service, and we admin block the user from Community.
try to communicate politely and amicably together!

  8 ) in which language can I speak in the communty?

the mother tongue of the English club would !! 
but you can also speak Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese !! 
we understand.

 9) I can get in contact with the administrators in case of need or questions?

of course! You can contact us in many ways for clarifications or questions .. 
Send a private message on facebook monologue mana dix, private message on twitter, or your choice. send an email to our mailbox club monologue mana dix and us answer as soon as possible !!

10) and the my privacy?

Your privacy as we us admin, it is important and confidential and will remain so!
location, address, private information does not interest us. i want that all get along in harmony!!
your information will not be visible in the community. and at private admin it to us.
unless you're disclose it to us or have your account mutual friends with other users, or one of us admin. information with public visibility setting, which contain private information or your friend.
in this case you're deciding what to make visible or not, from the settings of your google account.
so beware !! and this also applies to all other sites monologue mana dix facebook and twitter !!

this is FAQ


I remind you that our club was born from an idea of friends away from we admin, Yue, Dix, Caly and Lady we are all an ocean away, but with a common passion !! 
and many of you have come to the last. and do not know, have not really learned to know and some tarnish our work !! 
they do not know ! not know the problems that each of us fans dix has faced in his life in silence !! and I never judged. 
This club is dedicated to all those like me, that in my old country, of closed mind, do not dare to look beyond their nose, that just the usual monotonous sung. and do not know who he is and what is Mana and the real music! 
how much he loves his music and this love that I felt from a distance and drew me to of the beautiful people, including in particular one! <3 
those like me, who were laughed at, esults, called "strange" !! 
for one thing, that  no know or try to know !!! 
so before you put poison on us ponder !! 
everything that we interested is to be free to palarne and vent all our love for Mana. 

what we have is a passion shared by a great support to Mana !!
but I want to thank all those who support us we always and follow us! 


venerdì 8 agosto 2014

Deep Sanctuary IV news & Happy birthday Yu-ki!!

Hello !! today as many will have already noticed .. it was updated blog of Mana. for  mention the Deep Sanctuary  IV  was decided !! and it will list some important details  on the official web sites and  in Japanese!
In his blog Monologue garden Mana said that the live Deep Sanctuary IV is at October 11 with special guest guitarist Kozi who will play several songs for the moi dix mois just this once!  (i smile because i'm very Happy Kozi and Mana together woow!! )  and then  said  this !!
  << Surely K-kun   be smiling as he watches us. >>
  (is too sweet!! )

and then  special guest  ZIZ (the band solist KOZI) . with count Yu-ki  and  MALICE MIZER song session.. and this and that, so enjoy!!

 Obviously going to be a memorable event not to be missed  Akasaka blitz 2014/10/11 !!!!  

Click here for see the event on facebook  Deep Sanctuary event on Facebook!!  details and all the info go to the website official !! we add a blog also the link with image!!!!

 then .. else before going !! Seth is much better, and you can follow him  here Twitter Z  not knowing !! will soon be out of the hospital. and all preparing for the live event to Moi dix mois Russia Kubana festival 16 august !!
Good luck at the Moi dix Mois in russia, and I will pray for the soul of Mana in Flight !!! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY GREAT  Yu~K sama !!!!!!!!!!!

We love you all, Count!!!

See you soon with more updates!  and I apologize if they are not very present in the page and in the club lately but I'm taking a break  neo Mom! and then there are the various summer vacations admin !!
and  if you are on summer vacation...good fun dears fan dix!

Admin Caly

venerdì 1 agosto 2014

Moi dix mois K memorial postponed September 15

Good morning Dix Fan!
there have been some changes concerning Moi dix mois .
Seth voice of mdm unfortunately as most of you know already, was hospitalized recently for an acute appendicitis.
Now it is much better and it's all ok!
Seth will recover soon and we're all waiting him on stage in full health and energy like a fire. like always!!
the warmth of the fans and messages of support have been many, from the fans for Mana and Seth. and thank  for your support.  also by Monologue mana Dix! for us is very important!!
The live, moi dix mois memorial K 2 August was to be,  today!  but no there will be.. has been postponed to September 15!   I recommend it. Put aside your tickets. if you bought them. going okay, you can will use, those, and if you can not attend will be refunded!
We are waiting September 15 and all together for the memorial Moi dix mois K and for the live moi dix mois, Russia!
Admin Dix

lunedì 23 giugno 2014

Twitter MdM and Thanks!!

I finally had a little free time to be able to inform you and also for members from outside Facebook and Twitter, and G plus. Mana Sama has just opened the official Twitter moi dix mois.


You can follow the events from them from now on.
we  add a link Twitter here in the blog as for other official websites of Mana.
they probably the tweet will be written in Japanese. and we will try to provide the translations for the most important things that will write Mana. and as it has been for the blog monologue garden always!

Fan dix Stay alert! will soon be added to the facebook monologue mana dix. the event for Moi dix mois, Kubana festival in russia! where I hope that you will be many to participate!

I remind you also follow us on our Twitter for updates! Monologue mana dix (monologuemana10) Twitter

We are a fan club with so much love, support and cheering as for the world's cup,  ahaha all  for Mana Sama. and always want to grow up. and given that facebook has changed the settings again of the pages. for pay by the admin.
I remind you to support us and spread our site here, is both Twitter, and Facebook. we motivated  to continue to hold the fan club, still alive!

thanks, your visits to our site blog!! 
thank you very much at all! !!!

and the result obtained for the fan page of Kozi 
Thank you all for everything! 


I also remember that you can also follow us on our Twitter admin.


see you soon and good night everyone!

Ps: go check the new updates of  Moi-même-Moitié

venerdì 20 giugno 2014


Kami memorial
This new entry is dedicated for Kami from Malice Mizer. disappeared on June 21, 1999

Kami Sama has remained in the hearts of all of us, and his memory lives forever.

this song is composed by Kami
from album  shinwa!!

The staff Monologue Mana Dix

mercoledì 4 giugno 2014

Moi dix mois 暗黒大典礼祭〜Scarlet Sabbath〜

On monologue garden Mana has announced a new live Monologue Garden
Is a K memorial concert!

Tickets will fit even the ones that were to be used for live, on May 24! 
and on the website moi dix mois, it will explain how to do it.

For details please visit site official!

Meanwhile, you can add your presence.  on the event, created on facebook!  暗黒大典礼祭〜Scarlet Sabbath〜 -event-

lunedì 19 maggio 2014


Good evening all!
Today, unfortunately, there is have been a sad announcement.
i received the news recently, that the member of Moi dix mois K has disappeared today.
still do not know the details and causes. obviously as a result of the incident the live concert of May 24 has been canceled. will keep you updated on the news. and we are sorry the news was a shock. and we are close to all.
I have no words. and I will not say more, because i thought in these cases, there is little to say, Boh! we are saddened for Mana and other colleagues dix, family. and I have nothing else to say.  You can read here and in the blog Mana monologue garden

Caly and the staff monologue mana dix.

mercoledì 30 aprile 2014


Today there are a ton of news from the world of Mana Sama.
Mana has updated his blog telling of his work with the new songs. Monologue garden
and if you want to read the English translation go here as well. Monologue Garden English .

News Moi-même-Moitié 

Three new themes. 
the pendant MmM that led Mana  last live will be available from Saturday at midnight!

Visit, the site web official for see! Moi-même-Moitié

The club monologue mana dix, today has changed its look. 
Twitter facebook and website. with the new cover May. flavored dark and darkness fire .. I like it! and with a beautiful picture made ​​by me as profile. admin dix

Have a nice day admin dix!

martedì 22 aprile 2014

New Gothic & Lolita Bible

Good evening all!
Today Mana has updated his blog Monologue Garden
Mana has concluded a photoshoot for the upcoming, Gothic & lolita bible  for the next month.


venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Moi dix Mois Kubana Festival

On the  Monologue Garden it was announced that The moi dix mois they're going  to perform in the festival in russia 19 and 14 August.  
Mana says she is excited and it is the first time they go to russia.

The Details and information added in the site web official moi dix mois official  and will comfortably made ​​a connection also from here in Monologue mana dix blog. like in the concert of May.

Have nice a day

Admin Dix !!!

lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Mana Game Inferno and News

Mana has updated his blog Monologue Garden talking about the new Game Inferno.
if you want to read the translation you can go here for details. English blog.

and then I would remembered the next concert of Kozi

2014.04.30 Shinjuku LOFT
master+mind ~acoustic mind #04~
GOD A/怪人二十面奏/Montage./Közi
OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00


Then regarding Monologue Mana dix Club
there is a new alert.
we have a problem admin these days. we are moving much little.
specially sector Fan page on Facebook. This is Because there have been some new updates on facebook.
the visibility of pages in general Has declined.  to make  visible to the pages for a fee.
So we also need your support to spread, the great Mana in the world.
as he had said earlier Also admin, Yu.
And then problems between various admin who (and this make me sad). Seems to have lost enthusiasm than once to keep things going.
and I'm very demoralized.
I saw That shortly I will have quite a bit to do and it did not take.
I hope it is just a  moment. Although I must admit is my concern.
dix admin does not like who lose heart easily.
and on April 8 was the second year of the opening of Monologue mana dix. but It Seems That No admin Has imported. Well .


Anyway, quiet!  i would I care about this project and take it forward seriously. for the love of Mana. so even at the cost of being alone to manage the page i will try to do my best to keep it updated and active. always!  also page fan Kozi!
I do not want in the mind, for someone closed this fan club. now that always plus big!!
because for me it is not just a club but also a way to spend time with Mana and his world in my complete relaxation. and with the sound of his music. and my fan art!!!


sabato 5 aprile 2014

Event Live and Monologue Garden new entry.

Today it has been created the event on the page dedicated to the upcoming concert of Moi dix Mois.

link Monologue mana dix Live Moi Dix Mois

Mana has updated his blog today, writing in short ..  that sent a demo of the new Moi dix Mois song
even if it is anxious about the arrangement has almost completed.
Also, Mana is writing song lyrics for other songs.
"while is allured by various aroma scents". (hihihi is cute)
To those of you who couldn't come to the March SOLD live,
you will get to hear 2 new songs in a single stroke!

I think it would be best not to lose it. :D

Monologue Garden 

Au revoir!!!!

mercoledì 2 aprile 2014

Instructions for use Monologue Mana dix blog-site-web. [The gadgets!!]

Short path together with Dix Admin!!

Sweets and Boys Dix, today I took some time. to explain how work our website. along a short path to explore gadgets and links. you need throughout only a few minutes. but after this short course, you can get all the information you need with ease. Also from our site.
without  to explain every time, from the page.

Be careful!

The gadgets the pictures you see are not made by chance .. but they all have their purpose. In fact, clicking on the images, you can access various websites and writings. are links to the official sites ..
Here you can find everything you need,   blog, site official, blog ameba Yue and Caly. links of the pages.
information and details of the concerts Moi dix mois and Kozi.

1 Connected with  monologue mana dix all site Twitter,Fb, google+, sanctuary of mana forum
2 Connected with Site Official M.d.m Monologue garden,M.m.m, Twitter official Kzi and Ziz. site Kozi Official

connected with site web mdm, Blog Yue & Caly, My  dix page, page  Kozi, 

Video Gadget and link Monologue Theatre

Click on the images to enlarge and see better!

Do not be afraid to explore and scroll down the main page to eslploare worldwide Mana Sama.

For example, look carefully this gadget the live Moi dix mois ...

Connect to Moi dix mois, Site official 

clicking on the image, you can connect directly to the information and details live on the official website of moi dix mois.  you automatically connect with the main window with all the dates and live, with all the necessary information of the concert. Simple is not it? and also comfortable.

The gadgets, works just like the " monolgue garden" by  Mana Sama. that if you noticed on the side of the post. also has all the links to the various sites his.

and also down, after info Mana. You can also find the translator for blog. that even if it is not perfect as it can be translated. can help you more or less to make you understand what we write. if you have a language different.

Well! this new post was made also for  explain, especially to new fans dix. who have yet to discover and learn. this site has everything you need. with various updates and news.
and for the same fan, for a long time that they need various information.
I hope it has been helpful, and at the next with the new updates. I recommend you follow and invite your friends.

PS: This blog site web-Monologue Mana dix club. is managed by me and by Caly. only us, dix and Caly admin!

 Dix Love!!

Admin Dix