domenica 23 marzo 2014

Important news!

My deviantart profile is now updated and here you can see all of my graphic works.
please check here! Dixnightmist Deviantart
Translation of the blog in English last updated monologue garden  Monologue Garden English.

was renewed Google Plus community for the growth of the club. name change from moi dix mois at monologue mana dix.  even if you have an account g+ follow us!

Monologue Mana Dix Google Plus

Visit us always! ok? 

under the headings of the various sites. check with  the mouse is hiding the URL to access it easily just by clicking on the text. at soon to the other news. 
And to me it's time to go to sleep. Good night! 


Moi Dix Mois - Gloire dans le Silence  song here!!

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