lunedì 24 marzo 2014

New cover for Monologue Mana Dix April!!! Ps

I'm designing a new cover for Monolgue Mana Dix April.
I have recently done little work with the fan art. this is because being an expectant mom  super busy.

I'm going to update ameba blog... come and see. Caly ameba
Have a Nice  evening!


I want to clarify one thing. Our club monologue mana dix is a collaboration between the Japanese and Italians admin. you can not say that it is an Italian team. also because there is another club that deals with an Italian team.  
we are a club universal, just me caly, and  lady. Italians. 
and i Caly, i live in japan With admin Dix. love him :3!!
Admin Dix and Yue are the ones who take care of content and information about Mana and they are Japaneses. i do not want them to feel it out or offensive for this. for  me is very important !!! and love to all who  is  admin and made  hard work. every day in monologue mana dix!! 
and though it was a fun idea at first only between me and Dix, when we were away. and to try to spread the word mana. and I'm happy that we got to this point.

So for me it can be type of Italian / japan symbol of unity. :D 

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