mercoledì 30 aprile 2014


Today there are a ton of news from the world of Mana Sama.
Mana has updated his blog telling of his work with the new songs. Monologue garden
and if you want to read the English translation go here as well. Monologue Garden English .

News Moi-même-Moitié 

Three new themes. 
the pendant MmM that led Mana  last live will be available from Saturday at midnight!

Visit, the site web official for see! Moi-même-Moitié

The club monologue mana dix, today has changed its look. 
Twitter facebook and website. with the new cover May. flavored dark and darkness fire .. I like it! and with a beautiful picture made ​​by me as profile. admin dix

Have a nice day admin dix!

martedì 22 aprile 2014

New Gothic & Lolita Bible

Good evening all!
Today Mana has updated his blog Monologue Garden
Mana has concluded a photoshoot for the upcoming, Gothic & lolita bible  for the next month.


venerdì 18 aprile 2014

Moi dix Mois Kubana Festival

On the  Monologue Garden it was announced that The moi dix mois they're going  to perform in the festival in russia 19 and 14 August.  
Mana says she is excited and it is the first time they go to russia.

The Details and information added in the site web official moi dix mois official  and will comfortably made ​​a connection also from here in Monologue mana dix blog. like in the concert of May.

Have nice a day

Admin Dix !!!

lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Mana Game Inferno and News

Mana has updated his blog Monologue Garden talking about the new Game Inferno.
if you want to read the translation you can go here for details. English blog.

and then I would remembered the next concert of Kozi

2014.04.30 Shinjuku LOFT
master+mind ~acoustic mind #04~
GOD A/怪人二十面奏/Montage./Közi
OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00


Then regarding Monologue Mana dix Club
there is a new alert.
we have a problem admin these days. we are moving much little.
specially sector Fan page on Facebook. This is Because there have been some new updates on facebook.
the visibility of pages in general Has declined.  to make  visible to the pages for a fee.
So we also need your support to spread, the great Mana in the world.
as he had said earlier Also admin, Yu.
And then problems between various admin who (and this make me sad). Seems to have lost enthusiasm than once to keep things going.
and I'm very demoralized.
I saw That shortly I will have quite a bit to do and it did not take.
I hope it is just a  moment. Although I must admit is my concern.
dix admin does not like who lose heart easily.
and on April 8 was the second year of the opening of Monologue mana dix. but It Seems That No admin Has imported. Well .


Anyway, quiet!  i would I care about this project and take it forward seriously. for the love of Mana. so even at the cost of being alone to manage the page i will try to do my best to keep it updated and active. always!  also page fan Kozi!
I do not want in the mind, for someone closed this fan club. now that always plus big!!
because for me it is not just a club but also a way to spend time with Mana and his world in my complete relaxation. and with the sound of his music. and my fan art!!!


sabato 5 aprile 2014

Event Live and Monologue Garden new entry.

Today it has been created the event on the page dedicated to the upcoming concert of Moi dix Mois.

link Monologue mana dix Live Moi Dix Mois

Mana has updated his blog today, writing in short ..  that sent a demo of the new Moi dix Mois song
even if it is anxious about the arrangement has almost completed.
Also, Mana is writing song lyrics for other songs.
"while is allured by various aroma scents". (hihihi is cute)
To those of you who couldn't come to the March SOLD live,
you will get to hear 2 new songs in a single stroke!

I think it would be best not to lose it. :D

Monologue Garden 

Au revoir!!!!

mercoledì 2 aprile 2014

Instructions for use Monologue Mana dix blog-site-web. [The gadgets!!]

Short path together with Dix Admin!!

Sweets and Boys Dix, today I took some time. to explain how work our website. along a short path to explore gadgets and links. you need throughout only a few minutes. but after this short course, you can get all the information you need with ease. Also from our site.
without  to explain every time, from the page.

Be careful!

The gadgets the pictures you see are not made by chance .. but they all have their purpose. In fact, clicking on the images, you can access various websites and writings. are links to the official sites ..
Here you can find everything you need,   blog, site official, blog ameba Yue and Caly. links of the pages.
information and details of the concerts Moi dix mois and Kozi.

1 Connected with  monologue mana dix all site Twitter,Fb, google+, sanctuary of mana forum
2 Connected with Site Official M.d.m Monologue garden,M.m.m, Twitter official Kzi and Ziz. site Kozi Official

connected with site web mdm, Blog Yue & Caly, My  dix page, page  Kozi, 

Video Gadget and link Monologue Theatre

Click on the images to enlarge and see better!

Do not be afraid to explore and scroll down the main page to eslploare worldwide Mana Sama.

For example, look carefully this gadget the live Moi dix mois ...

Connect to Moi dix mois, Site official 

clicking on the image, you can connect directly to the information and details live on the official website of moi dix mois.  you automatically connect with the main window with all the dates and live, with all the necessary information of the concert. Simple is not it? and also comfortable.

The gadgets, works just like the " monolgue garden" by  Mana Sama. that if you noticed on the side of the post. also has all the links to the various sites his.

and also down, after info Mana. You can also find the translator for blog. that even if it is not perfect as it can be translated. can help you more or less to make you understand what we write. if you have a language different.

Well! this new post was made also for  explain, especially to new fans dix. who have yet to discover and learn. this site has everything you need. with various updates and news.
and for the same fan, for a long time that they need various information.
I hope it has been helpful, and at the next with the new updates. I recommend you follow and invite your friends.

PS: This blog site web-Monologue Mana dix club. is managed by me and by Caly. only us, dix and Caly admin!

 Dix Love!!

Admin Dix

martedì 1 aprile 2014

Kozi Next Live and Kaya New band!!

Next Live For Kozi and his band solist Ziz

Ziz & Velvet eden 
not to be missed ..

Other news interessant!

Do you remember Kaya from Schwarz Stein ??
Mana Sama had collaborated and produced with them. then when they split Kaya embarked on a solo career. It recently started his new project Femme Fatale!

Is here the his new band Femme Fatale with him also "Chargee"  which is also part of the Ziz solo project of Kozi sama always as a drummer!! 

Kaya has also collaborated Kozi if I remember correctly there was an article that talked about it.

This is Site official [ femme-fatale ] for info!!! this is twitter Kaya [ Kaya_rose Twitter ] can be of interest.





Guitar:源 依織 


Chargee drums Ziz & Femme Fatale