lunedì 14 aprile 2014

Mana Game Inferno and News

Mana has updated his blog Monologue Garden talking about the new Game Inferno.
if you want to read the translation you can go here for details. English blog.

and then I would remembered the next concert of Kozi

2014.04.30 Shinjuku LOFT
master+mind ~acoustic mind #04~
GOD A/怪人二十面奏/Montage./Közi
OPEN 18:30 / START 19:00


Then regarding Monologue Mana dix Club
there is a new alert.
we have a problem admin these days. we are moving much little.
specially sector Fan page on Facebook. This is Because there have been some new updates on facebook.
the visibility of pages in general Has declined.  to make  visible to the pages for a fee.
So we also need your support to spread, the great Mana in the world.
as he had said earlier Also admin, Yu.
And then problems between various admin who (and this make me sad). Seems to have lost enthusiasm than once to keep things going.
and I'm very demoralized.
I saw That shortly I will have quite a bit to do and it did not take.
I hope it is just a  moment. Although I must admit is my concern.
dix admin does not like who lose heart easily.
and on April 8 was the second year of the opening of Monologue mana dix. but It Seems That No admin Has imported. Well .


Anyway, quiet!  i would I care about this project and take it forward seriously. for the love of Mana. so even at the cost of being alone to manage the page i will try to do my best to keep it updated and active. always!  also page fan Kozi!
I do not want in the mind, for someone closed this fan club. now that always plus big!!
because for me it is not just a club but also a way to spend time with Mana and his world in my complete relaxation. and with the sound of his music. and my fan art!!!


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