venerdì 8 agosto 2014

Deep Sanctuary IV news & Happy birthday Yu-ki!!

Hello !! today as many will have already noticed .. it was updated blog of Mana. for  mention the Deep Sanctuary  IV  was decided !! and it will list some important details  on the official web sites and  in Japanese!
In his blog Monologue garden Mana said that the live Deep Sanctuary IV is at October 11 with special guest guitarist Kozi who will play several songs for the moi dix mois just this once!  (i smile because i'm very Happy Kozi and Mana together woow!! )  and then  said  this !!
  << Surely K-kun   be smiling as he watches us. >>
  (is too sweet!! )

and then  special guest  ZIZ (the band solist KOZI) . with count Yu-ki  and  MALICE MIZER song session.. and this and that, so enjoy!!

 Obviously going to be a memorable event not to be missed  Akasaka blitz 2014/10/11 !!!!  

Click here for see the event on facebook  Deep Sanctuary event on Facebook!!  details and all the info go to the website official !! we add a blog also the link with image!!!!

 then .. else before going !! Seth is much better, and you can follow him  here Twitter Z  not knowing !! will soon be out of the hospital. and all preparing for the live event to Moi dix mois Russia Kubana festival 16 august !!
Good luck at the Moi dix Mois in russia, and I will pray for the soul of Mana in Flight !!! :D

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY GREAT  Yu~K sama !!!!!!!!!!!

We love you all, Count!!!

See you soon with more updates!  and I apologize if they are not very present in the page and in the club lately but I'm taking a break  neo Mom! and then there are the various summer vacations admin !!
and  if you are on summer vacation...good fun dears fan dix!

Admin Caly

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