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Monologue Mana Dix New Google plus community read the FAQ

Attention friends major upgrade to the Club monologue mana dix.
There was an unexpected  event .. and so we decided to create a new community on google plus for monologue mana dix. nothing to worry about but we intend to consolidate our group always more and improve google monologue mana dix.
we also want fan dix out from facebook can follow our updates !!
there is a huge difference for to use it. in the community on google plus monologue  mana dix you're free to publish you also fan dix everything you want on the world of mana !! works a bit like facebook groups !!

Just follow these simple FAQ

1) Where can I find the community google or all websites monologue mana dix, facebook, blog and twitter?
From now on our community google+ also works as a liaison!
can be accessed from here with the link, click here monologue mana dix community google! Or search the word about this blog
Click on image to enlarge

or you can find us on google voice search monologue mana dx.
you can also find communty google twitter, this blog and facebook page!! 

google search:  Click on image to enlarge

in all the sites listed there are always link to all the sites where we work. us  ( fun club)  and also the official websites of Mana.
can not go wrong it's easy!

2) what is a google community monologue mana dix?

Google community monologue mana dix is as like a group on facebook, that unlike a fb page may be published by anyone who wants together with us admin and dealing with the subject mana and his world! (Only mana and nothing else !!)
without limitations or special permission or waiting to see, publish a post, but all for free, as long as you only talk and exclusively  of Mana and fun club, in a nice way without insults or hate reciprocal. will be added if your desire is a section for in the world and the world   visual kei and lolita  where you can deal with the arguments also in part out of Mana !! and exchange views

3) What can I find in the communty google monologue mana dix?

nothing new what we Already on facebook or on the blog as admin! ie: to offer free all the news, photos, videos, and news from the world of mana! with a unique advantage, and That you too can help on the community and publish together what we want!

4)  how do I post on the community monologue mana dix?

First of all you must have a personal account google like for FB and as TW! 
with this account you can comment and post on the community you want to about Mana.
and you can put a comment on our blog updates, down and put a +1 ! if you do not have a google account you can not do all this.

5) What can I post on the community monologue mana dix and what can not?

you can post : whatever you want on Mana and his world , open friendly discussions on the special section, and you can also enter updates his blog. or video from you tube, post a comment to other users.

You can not: publish material offensive to others or mana, material digital madousho, spam, material covered by copyright, for example: (fan art or cosplay photos) without   original source.

6 ) I can publish the community, seriously ?? 

Of course you can dix fan, go!

7 ) how can I do if someone offends me and insults me on community?

Comments arrogant, rude, of all those who harass, offend and insult, will be eliminated as soon as possible from the community. and you can also report it as abuse, google service, and we admin block the user from Community.
try to communicate politely and amicably together!

  8 ) in which language can I speak in the communty?

the mother tongue of the English club would !! 
but you can also speak Spanish, Italian, French and Portuguese !! 
we understand.

 9) I can get in contact with the administrators in case of need or questions?

of course! You can contact us in many ways for clarifications or questions .. 
Send a private message on facebook monologue mana dix, private message on twitter, or your choice. send an email to our mailbox club monologue mana dix and us answer as soon as possible !!

10) and the my privacy?

Your privacy as we us admin, it is important and confidential and will remain so!
location, address, private information does not interest us. i want that all get along in harmony!!
your information will not be visible in the community. and at private admin it to us.
unless you're disclose it to us or have your account mutual friends with other users, or one of us admin. information with public visibility setting, which contain private information or your friend.
in this case you're deciding what to make visible or not, from the settings of your google account.
so beware !! and this also applies to all other sites monologue mana dix facebook and twitter !!

this is FAQ


I remind you that our club was born from an idea of friends away from we admin, Yue, Dix, Caly and Lady we are all an ocean away, but with a common passion !! 
and many of you have come to the last. and do not know, have not really learned to know and some tarnish our work !! 
they do not know ! not know the problems that each of us fans dix has faced in his life in silence !! and I never judged. 
This club is dedicated to all those like me, that in my old country, of closed mind, do not dare to look beyond their nose, that just the usual monotonous sung. and do not know who he is and what is Mana and the real music! 
how much he loves his music and this love that I felt from a distance and drew me to of the beautiful people, including in particular one! <3 
those like me, who were laughed at, esults, called "strange" !! 
for one thing, that  no know or try to know !!! 
so before you put poison on us ponder !! 
everything that we interested is to be free to palarne and vent all our love for Mana. 

what we have is a passion shared by a great support to Mana !!
but I want to thank all those who support us we always and follow us! 


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