domenica 28 settembre 2014

new steps for the deep sanctuary

Hello everyone!

Today I finally found some time to update with the latest news on the world of Mana.

There have been several innovations.
Me and Yue with friends, we attended the memorial Moi dix mois K and it was really exciting, and everything was really touching.

Mana fabulous as always, and then could not keep up the excitement.
when I found myself in front of the altar of K, with all those flowers ..
and when I found them with Yue and put flowers. we have also brought roses red us, in the name of our Club, monologue mana dix.
and cry like as if I had lost a friend.
we are glad you did on behalf of all the fans without asking anything by us!!
a decision at the last minute, but we were happy to do willingly, at our expense. because being a fan is also a sign of unity among the fans .. and we help!
that is, to discuss a Carnival costume or a flower to give 10 red roses as a symbol dix !! we are proud to help support everyone!
we have also taken on behalf of those who do not have much money to spend but who were nevertheless close to Mana and respected.

however it will not be a flower but the support we give to Mana to infuse the right boost !!
I'm not capable of doing reviews or other special events. I cry again to rethink. then I think they have already read elsewhere.
but I can describe my feelings, because they are always personal.
for me what I feel when I'm in a concert of Moi dix mois always leaves me speechless .. a unique thrill for me that I do not have it any other way, indescribable.
But this time it was too hard, I felt a sweetness in particular by Mana all the time. and when he showed the K guitar's, as did him in the live in russia Kubana, I was impressed in the mind!
when they are at a concert of Moi dix mois is always the case and I can not stand the excitement, surprising.
( Maybe one day i faint on the floor LOL XD )

Guys the news!
The next live program, in which there had already talked about earlier.
Deep Sanctuary is approaching. ° A ° and heeeeeeeeeepllllllllll I still have to recover for the last one in which I was.
There will Kozi and Count Yu-ki Akasaka Blitz!!!
Mana in his blog, he talked about an interview for Yu-ki during the live, in which he is working hard and is very committed.
is to andre yourself here Yu-ki Deep Sanctuary questions and ask a question in yu-ki and send via email.
You can also find the link on our facebook event page, confirm whether your presence!  Deep Sanctuary IV event!

( Of course it is my opinion:
I believe that to be a bit 'and play along with them, as once in Malice Mizer Mana will do well, it will be fun, and to find the right charge and attravversare this bad time, which everyone knows well what it means, and we have passed all of them.)

And then off to the Dis inferno, on December 7 at the WWW in Shibuya.
Regarding the Dis inferno, we have added the event page in facebook. details will be added very soon ... in the meantime if you want to confirm your attendance at the dis hell DIS INFERNO XII Event

And in the world Kozi Ziz it seems there are programs on a new album, which was already mentioned, and there were rumors it was around her birthday.
hopefully soon in other details !!
I can not wait!

We're going to reach 2000 i like on the facebook page of the club Monologue mana dix!
And if you have not already done so. put your Follow on twitter @monologuemana10
2300 visits to our website blog here guys, Wooow !!

Caly greets you, and gives you a good night. the next one!

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