venerdì 24 ottobre 2014

Calendar MANA 2015 with your vote!!!

Hi guys!  important news from monologue mana dix club

This year the 2015 Calendar will be made with your help!
!We want that all the fans could participate to our initiative!!
Dear dixers we want to be united in this club and this time we' d like to make you part of the mission called " MANA CALENDAR 2015 "!
We are 4 admin Yue, Lady, Caly and Dix and each of us will choose for you his favorite images to put on the calendar of 2015. It will be an annual calendar and only one of those photos that we’ll put will be chosen with your help thanks to your likes. The picture that will obtain more votes 

- 1 like=1 vote for facebook  

- +1 on google plus  1 
- star Favourites for twitter 
- number photos regarding and if you want to judge on the blog in the comments below.

will be used by our admin Caly and she’ll work for us so the new 2015 calendar will be made with photos chosen by the fans!! We only need a few days to choose because we have a lot of Mana’s photos and they are all beautiful so it’s difficult to choose *w*.

Stay tuned! Soon we’ll need your vote !

The staff!!

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