martedì 4 novembre 2014

Vote for your favorite photo of Mana

good evening!

yesterday started the competition to select your favorite picture to put on the new calendar Mana 2015.
made ​​by caly.
a kind Christmas gift from us for you fans of the fan club.

Today I insert the pictures that we have chosen for you admin.
one of which will be put on the calendar of Mana, with your vote.
The pictures are numbered and the name of the admin who chose the photo.

photos were also posted on fb, google community, and on our twitter.

for vote here, on the blog, with a comment down,

Photo 1 by admin Yue 


Photo 2 by admin Dix


Photo 3 by admin Caly


Photo 4 By admin Lady

Vote with a number photo, or name admin,  in a comment down blog. and will be evaluated.

in the case of Facebook. and if you have a facebook  you can vote with a simple i like about your favorite photo on monologue mana dix page facebook. 

same thing if you have twitter, vote with a star on your favorite photo on @monologuemana10. 

community google  monologue mana dix  +1

You  have until December 1 for  evaluate your picture after which it will be used for the new  calendar, 2015.

i recommend no later than December 1, 2014. 
and  to vote only one photo of Mana for you. and one user!

continue to follow the new updates. do not miss the latest news on Mana  and his world.


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