mercoledì 26 novembre 2014

Youtube & Pinterest

Hello everyone!
The fan club is expanding and is increasingly large! new sites have been opened.
New sites and links   youtube and pinterest.
will be added along with other gadgets in the blog. Meanwhile i write here!

Youtube  Pinterest

Also on pinterest you can vote for your favorite photo, calendar with the heart symbol. accessing the bulletin board and project 2005 calendar.

on youtube, there will be our music playlists.
with collections of videos and music, Mana, moi dix mois, malice mizer and Kozi.
then, it will be added to plalyst, video fans.
For Those Who, want, to add to our list HIS Video fans, who created personally on you tube and show it to other fan, fan club by logging on our youtube channel .basta communicate it to us with a message and a link , and it will be added as a favorite.

well, remember to vote for your favorite photo calendar, now it is almost all scadeza and there will be no more excuses. the requests no will be accepted after that date. December 1

are you ready for dis inferno ???  I can not wait!


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