mercoledì 17 dicembre 2014

Moi meme moitie,Happy Holidays,calendars 2015,Yue blog

Good morning dix fan!

New updates here Moi meme moitie go see!!

Dear fans the admins will go in the holiday, for the holiday Christmas. 
we can't  update often our sites, but  updates Mana blog, will still insured.

I wish all dix fans of Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year.

i remember that the new club's facebook page, this will be. Monologue Mana Dix fun club .
the other will be closed early.
no miss our updates, follow us on the new facebook page of the club Monologue Mana Dix

and then, follow the new blog of Admin Yue also available via phone, 
the romantic, sweet, troubled future musician, lover of the world of Mana. 
wait you! 

Cover by Caly
Yue will be back soon with new entries... for you!

December 21 is official!
will be published all our annual calendars of 2015 free for you fans dix, made by caly.

Admin Dix 

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