lunedì 23 marzo 2015

Moi dix mois T-shirt info 04/05

Hi guys !!
Information about the new t-shirt of, moi dix mois, which was put on sale for the Birthday festival Mana Mdm. this is the print!


Well are available, T-shirt  size in three versions M, L 


and dress, (longer version he wore, even seth in the live, last night).

Dress version

I personally i have favorite, the normal T-shirt. this seem with big print.  i like so much!!!
for now they are just on the site midi:nette, but i hope it might be possible soon, even order on cd japan. for those who wanted to buy it abroad. I hope so !! however, will let you know.

Of course, for those who had not been there the day 22. the T-shirts will also be present on April 5. second time live.

OPEN 16 :30 / START 17 :00

More nfo: 

I'm not sure I'll be there that day. because March 22 was a sold out and I wanted to leave my place even in those who have not had time to get the ticket.

well at soon!!  
please let a comment!!  
we are more than 4000 fans.  thank you, and  follow us always!


sabato 21 marzo 2015

Moi dix mois t-shirt, Facebook page


Tomorrow in the live of moi dix mois, birth liturgical Festival Mana sama. will be on sale the new, T-shirt of, moi dix mois, sizes M, L. 
will also be available in pre-sale, from tomorrow, on the site, from time 15.00.

source mdm Twitter official

we expect you tomorrow in concert, to celebrate Mana as it we should !!

we report  to pass the new Facebook page.  
monologue mana dix fun club, you will find links to the side of the blog.
Please hurry up! 
because, soon, will no longer be updated the old page. 
and given the poor visibility that facebook enables us with the new settings, 

add send notifications.

Thank you!


mercoledì 18 marzo 2015

Happy birthday Mana from Fan club

HI GUYS!!!! 
This is Mana's Cake birthday, from all staff and fan Monologue Mana dix fan club †. this was our surprise to everyone.
the best wishes happy birthday MANA. and with the heart!! The staff!!!
PS: Now you can post your happy birthday Mana! is passed, the midnight. down!!!

Virtual Cake Birthday Mana

We are waiting for the day March 22 or the 4/5 to celebrate the event Mana Birth cerimony festival moi dix mois or the day !

this time for two times!

By Caly art

Come with us to celebrate  this day on  the new facebook page Monologue Mana Dix fan club !