lunedì 25 maggio 2015

G&LB 56 new fall 2015

News from the world of Mana Sama!!

As previously announced Mana on the official Twitter of moi dix mois.
Yesterday on May 24, 2015 is output is the new gothic & lolita bible vol 56.

and new themes Moi-même-Moitié are for sale on the official website in Japanese. They will soon be available on CD Japan.

We don't put, the scans online on this Blog, for not have problem. 
but then buy your G&LB from here on Gothic & Lolita Bible Vol.56 CdJapan
I advise you to order as soon as possible before they run out.

As for Moi dix Mois Other sources tell us that Mana is now in production for a few months to do, for a new album moi dix mois. and it should not be long for the wait  well we'll see!
we  let you know. or will let us know Mana Sama on the official websites.

We remember to go check the website of Moi-même-Moitié to control the new collection, fall cross.
the new make up, of Mana. 
in this gothic lolita EGA version I like a lot, i must to say!

Visit ur new page 
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