lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Dis inferno XIII ~LAST YEAR PARTY~ 2015.12.12

Now it's time of another important summer news about Mana's music world *w* Mana has finally announced from MdM official twitter when it will be
the next
event on musicexchance, shibuya Dis inferno XIII ~LAST YEAR PARTY~
date 2015.12.12

Now we only have to wait...I know that it's soon but now we have a good reason for waiting the winter v_v LOL . We have the date and the place and for all the fans now it will starts the final 2015 Dis Inferno countdown v_v/. I'm sure that it will be an epic event as always can't miss it!!
For other news stay tuned and...dix love!!! <3

info and details on site web
Ticket on
OPEN 17 :00 / START 18 :00

Gothic & Lolita Bible vol.57

Hi guys!With the end of the summer holidays we came back with important news from Mana's world!First of all there's the new Gothic Lolita Bible..the number 57 and you can find inside the new collection *w*

This number is available on the cd japan site here:

Let's have a look at the new collection:

I think that looking at these pictures you are thinking the same as me...Mana has beautiful legs *w* .
As always you can find all on the MmM site here:
Have a look and enjoy the fantastic fashion world of Mana ^^/