lunedì 31 agosto 2015

Dis inferno XIII ~LAST YEAR PARTY~ 2015.12.12

Now it's time of another important summer news about Mana's music world *w* Mana has finally announced from MdM official twitter when it will be
the next
event on musicexchance, shibuya Dis inferno XIII ~LAST YEAR PARTY~
date 2015.12.12

Now we only have to wait...I know that it's soon but now we have a good reason for waiting the winter v_v LOL . We have the date and the place and for all the fans now it will starts the final 2015 Dis Inferno countdown v_v/. I'm sure that it will be an epic event as always can't miss it!!
For other news stay tuned and...dix love!!! <3

info and details on site web
Ticket on
OPEN 17 :00 / START 18 :00

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