venerdì 10 giugno 2016

Moi dix Mois Hong Kong !!

We pleased to announce a New event live

MOI DIX MOIS on Hong Kong  Mana is 

very excited about this event. 

And awaits  you. The day 2016.10.23 

Here link and details on site web official  

-----> Moi dix Mois  <---

Ps: this is link official  event 
site web
Facebook page exclamusic / event fb

lunedì 21 marzo 2016

Deep Sanctuary V

A New Deep Sanctuary V 
We are all excited about this news.

 We will notify shortly the details as soon as they confirmed. the links where to get tickets. 

With Moi dix mois, Ziz the band solist Kozi and the count Yu~Ki
--->  Event on facebook  <----

venerdì 18 marzo 2016


Today is an important day .. 
is born our myth, hero, unique, Mana Sama. 

We love you!!!

See you, at the Moi dix mois Mana birthday live. 

Staff monologue mana dix fun club

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Monologue mana dix fun club facebook

venerdì 29 gennaio 2016

Important news G&LB

Important news!!

Updates blog monologue garden and twitter. 
Mana informed that in future issues on Gothic & lolita bible.
No longer appear his photos with Moi meme Moitie. 
I hope they change their minds and realize that that is a huge mistake ... In the meantime Mana, published the photos from on his study alone with MmM to be published.  
these pics, from @M_d_M_official twitter

the club monologue mana dix, will strive to give help like always and updates future. 

Don't miss, the next updates!