Moi Dix Mois Live and event

The moi dix mois, is a band project conceived by Mana. born in 2001 He composes all of the music, writes the lyrics, Produces, directs and designs the members' stage costumes.
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Moi Dix Mois Live and event 2016

Moi dix Mois Live Birthday Mana 21.3 pt1
Moi dix Mois live Birthday Mana 20.3 p2

Moi dix Mois Deep Sanctuary V with Yu-ki and Ziz special guest 8.7

Moi Dix Mois Hong Kong 10.23

Moi Dix Mois Live and event 2015

Moi dix Mois Dis inferno XIII ~LAST YEAR PARTY~
2015.12.12 duo MUSICEXCHANGE
OPEN 17 :00 / START 18 :00


Moi dix mois Birth Ceremony Festival!

Mana-Sama's Birthday!
Ticket Sale 12/11 - 12 /21
Mt.Rainer hall shibuya pleasure pleasure

info on mdm site web.

Mana-Sama's Birthday Fb event on monologue mana dix

Mdm Events in the 2014

- August 16, 2014 Mdm Kubana festival Russia

- Moi dix mois 暗黒大典礼祭〜Scarlet Sabbath〜

K memorial concert


October 11, 2014 Deep Sanctuary IV
special guest Kozi ,Ziz and Yu~ki 
Akasaka blitz Minato-ku,Tokyo

-December 7, 2014 Dis inferno Ⅻ ~ LAST YEAR PARTY ~ WWW shibuya

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