Monologue Mana Dix

Welcome in the Fan Club of the World of Mana.
Musician, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, model

Monologue Mana Dix club Biography

We us admins, Caly, Lady, Yue, Dix and Lion Heart
The merger of the name of the fan club: it was born from an idea of the admin dix, to unite the world Mana, his blog monologue garden, and the sign dix. or the fans dix  monologue mana dix
we are concerned, to make known Mana abroad, and we are open from 2012.
beginning with a facebook fan page, and now we have grown and we disseminated in other websites, creating a small fan club. fans among us.
Every day, we deal, with update, the news from the world of Mana. We love Mana. and we want everyone know him as the artist who is, and fashion designer, in addition to its beautiful photos. his music is something wonderful and we are pleased to be able to spread his voice.

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